About Us

Where did the name Wise Men’s Gold come from?

Scholars have suggested that the gifts of the magi or three wise men in the biblical story could have been medicinal. Both frankincense and myrrh are resins, derived from medicinal plants and well known for their healing and therapeutic properties. It has been further hypothesised that the gift of ‘gold’ was in fact turmeric which was traded and worth more than the precious metal at that time.

My Story

“After being diagnosed with a blood disorder I started taking curcumin supplements only to find many were either tainted with toxic contaminants, or lacked sufficient amounts of bioavailable curcumin to be effective.

After searching around the world for 2 years, I started making my own capsules using the purest and highest quality standardised extract curcumin I could find. The bioavailability was increased by blending in turmeric for the essential oils and black pepper for the piperine.

By fine tuning this blend using published research as a reference point, I soon had a very potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory natural supplement. Other people were asking me to make it for them to assist them with various conditions and the results were quite astounding. We now make this same wonderful product available to you. Both my wife and I take Wise Men’s Gold Curcumin every day.”

– Chris Hardcastle, founder of Wise Men’s Gold